ae coffee, Lebuh Clarke, Georgetown

A cute and small cafe for a chill coffee break at Lebuh Clarke, Georgetown.

According to the reviews, it is famous for it’s coffee and also pour over.

This cute little cafe offers limited seats.

Free logo sticker for grab at the counter
They have a few event posters on the wall & I think it’s cute.

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They serve coffee, non-coffee, pastries and cake.

We ordered a pour over, a houjicha, a matcha, one slice of cheesecake and a Pain Au Chocolat.

Left, Houjicha; Right, Matcha; Cheesecake and Pain Au Chocolat
We choose Colombia for the pour over

Personal opinion from someone that’s not a foodie:

Houjicha and Matcha, both came with milk, sweetened. You may also top up (RM3) for switching to alternative milk. It’s smooth and flavourful. Personally, one of my favourite Houjicha and Matcha in town, so far.

Cheesecake, I think it is Basque Burnt Cheesecake. It was a nice cheesecake. Smooth and slightly sweeter than my preference, just nice when you pair it with the coffee or drinks.

Pain Au Chocolat is really crispy, which made it hard to cut, I prefer to eat it with my hands. It tasted good as well.

No comment for the pour over, we are not much of a coffee person.

Overall, the foods and drinks are on par.


Hot Houjicha and Matcha should be RM14 each.

Pain Au Chocolat is RM9.

As for cheesecake and the pour over, I have no record as I lost my receipt.

Personally, I think the price range is consider moderate to slightly on the higher side.


11, Lebuh Clarke,
10050 George Town,

Hours: 9a.m. – 5p.m. daily (Closed on Friday)


There are limited public parking spots outside and around the shop.

Recommend to park anywhere nearby if you spot any available parking lot and walk.

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