ae coffee, Lebuh Clarke, Georgetown

A cute and small cafe for a chill coffee break at Lebuh Clarke, Georgetown.

According to the reviews, it is famous for it’s coffee and also pour over.

This cute little cafe offers limited seats.

Free logo sticker for grab at the counter
They have a few event posters on the wall & I think it’s cute.

Table of Contents


They serve coffee, non-coffee, pastries and cake.

We ordered a pour over, a houjicha, a matcha, one slice of cheesecake and a Pain Au Chocolat.

Left, Houjicha; Right, Matcha; Cheesecake and Pain Au Chocolat
We choose Colombia for the pour over

Personal opinion from someone that’s not a foodie:

Houjicha and Matcha, both came with milk, sweetened. You may also top up (RM3) for switching to alternative milk. It’s smooth and flavourful. Personally, one of my favourite Houjicha and Matcha in town, so far.

Cheesecake, I think it is Basque Burnt Cheesecake. It was a nice cheesecake. Smooth and slightly sweeter than my preference, just nice when you pair it with the coffee or drinks.

Pain Au Chocolat is really crispy, which made it hard to cut, I prefer to eat it with my hands. It tasted good as well.

No comment for the pour over, we are not much of a coffee person.

Overall, the foods and drinks are on par.


Hot Houjicha and Matcha should be RM14 each.

Pain Au Chocolat is RM9.

As for cheesecake and the pour over, I have no record as I lost my receipt.

Personally, I think the price range is consider moderate to slightly on the higher side.


11, Lebuh Clarke,
10050 George Town,

Hours: 9a.m. – 5p.m. daily (Closed on Friday)


There are limited public parking spots outside and around the shop.

Recommend to park anywhere nearby if you spot any available parking lot and walk.

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JOJA Bagels & Coffee, Lebuh Bishop, Georgetown

JOJA Bagels & Coffe, one of the viral bagel places in Penang.

You might missed the store if you pass by quickly. It’s hidden within the row of shoplots.

Table of Contents

Food & Menu

They offered both sweet and savoury bagel in store. From the menu, there are quite a few interesting choices they offered, such as “MATCHA YUZU CC”.

You may check out their menu here.



Personal opinion from someone that’s not a foodie:

“SUPER MARIO”, the mushrooms with their seasoning and the pair with cheese, on the first bite you might thought it was chicken patty. But, you will quickly realised it’s not since they have quite a different texture.

Recommend to share with friends and family, it might be a little too much to finish it alone.

As for “DOUBLE EGG & CHEESE”, it’s pretty much a basic, not much to comment.

Other the bagels, they do offered quite a wide range of drinks and snacks, they have crosscut fries, tater tots okonomi or plain Tater tots.


“SUPER MARIO” is RM22.00 and “DOUBLE EGG & CHEESE”is RM13.00.

The items on the menu range around RM8.00 to RM33.00.

The services tax and services charges is not on our bill.


55,Bishop St,
10200 Georgetown.

Hours: 8.30a.m. – 3.30p.m. daily (Closed on Monday)
Muslim-Friendly Cafe


During working hours, the cafe area are hard to find parking spots. The public parking are very limited.

If you don’t mind to pay more for parking, there is a paid open parking spots just across the street.

The rate is RM4 for every 30 minutes.

Or you might park somewhere else and walk to the cafe.

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How to Apply for RFID 20% Discount on Penang Bridge Toll

As at the date of this post, the toll fare of passenger car for Penang First Bridge is RM5.74. With the 20% discount, it would be RM4.59.

Who is eligible to apply?

However, in order to enjoy the 20% discount, there are few things to keep in mind:

  1. The applicant has to be Malaysian and is a Penang local or someone who is studying/working in Penang with a Penang address (institute/company address).
  2. You need to be 17 years old or above when apply for this discount.
  3. Each person only can have one discount application at a time. If one’s name have registered for another vehicle, you can’t use the person name to apply this discount for another vehicle.
  4. If you are not the vehicle owner, you need to proof your relationship with the vehicle owner. Only spouse or parents and children are acceptable. (Additional document needed).
  5. The discount are valid for 2 years.

The documents you might need for the application:

  • Identity Card (Front and back)
  • Geran of the car (Car title/Car Grant)
  • Prove of Penang address
  • Letter of Authorisation (If you are not the car owner)
  • Identity Card of the car owner (Front and back, if you are not the car owner)
  • Birth certificate (If you are not the car owner and to prove your relationship with the car owner)
  • Marriage certificate (If you are not the car owner and to prove your relationship with the car owner)


Template for Letter of Authorisation:

Download PDF:

The template above is a modify version from the letter of authorisation to use vehicle for RFID application. The above template is just for reference purpose. As one size does not fit all, remember to customise the letter to fit your situation/circumstances.

How to apply?

  1. First, go to JPP 20% Discount website.
    You would need to register a PLUSMiles member if you still not one.
    Login to your PLUSMiles account.
    The website will bring you through a few page, just select the option accordingly.
  1. Eventually, you will come to the page as below:
    Fill in the information.
You are required to upload the documents as requested at the end of the page.

There is a single selection question. If you are the vehicle owner, it will be very straightforward. However, if you are applicant but not the vehicle owner, remember to upload necessary supporting documents. Or, your application would be rejected.

Example of rejection email:

Don’t worry if you got rejected. You just need to resubmit a new application together with the missing supporting document.

In case, you received a pop up message as below, don’t panic, from editor’s experience, you could try to link the vehicle and RFID (the one you applying for the discount) to your PLUSMiles account. (Take note that once you linked the vehicle and RFID to your PLUSMiles account, the rewards will appear in your account.)

How long does the application takes?

According to the official website, it usually takes 3 to 7 working days.

Editor’s personal experience:
1st application: 1 to 2 working days, application rejected due to missing document.
2nd application: 1 to 2 working days to receive the email below. However, editor did not receive further email notification. So, recommend everyone can check their application status through the website.
After received the email as below, Editor checked the status and got to know the discount application is approved.


Please be informed that the above are just for reference. As information changes from time to time, kindly do your own due diligence and always refer to the official sources for the most accurate and timely information.

Unknown Café & Bistro, Pahang Road, Georgetown

Table of Contents


We ordered Chicken Bacon Carbonara and Catch of the Day (which is Fish & Chips).

Both looks great. Mine was the Fish & Chips which is nice, especially the fries. They are generous with the sauce. The portion was good as well, (I couldn’t finish mine without sharing with my friend).

Too bad, we didn’t ordered their drinks. We probably go back for another visit soon.


From the menu, the price range is around RM12.90 to RM50 range for per main course. Drinks are around RM7.90 to RM24. For the details, check out their menu link below.

We paid for RM66.45 for two main courses, one Twinning’s tea and a membership fee of RM12.

The price is subjected to a service charge of 10% and 6% of service tax (SST). We got 10% discount from the membership so we considered it as waive off the 10% service charge.


They have a membership system. Sign up their lifetime membership for just RM12.


  1. 10% discount on whole bill.
  2. 20% discount on whole bill on member day.
  3. Complimentary free a slice of cake on birthday month.
  4. Complimentary free gift when spend above RM100.


Check out their menu here.

We could say that they did a great job with the menu. Almost 90% of the items on their menu came with photos. Another awesome thing is that the food that we ordered do look alike with the menu.

*The menu is the one editor found through their Instagram. For more information, readers may always refer to the official page. All sharing here are just for general reference.


Full address:

35, Pahang Rd,
10400 George Town,
Pulau Pinang

Hours: 9a.m. – 10p.m. daily
Contact number: 016-531 0407
100% Pork Free & Muslim-Friendly Cafe


One of the cons of the cafe would be the parking issues. There is not much parking outside of the cafe.

However, there is a parking near their backdoor, Siam Road Paid Parking. Paid RM3 for around 2 hours parking, which is acceptable, as it was raining on the day we went. It would be troublesome to park too far.

Siam Road Parking location:

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